Publications in the context of ELECTROMED

Assessing the effect of Scaling High-Aspect-Ratio ISFET with Physical Model Interface for Nano-Biosensing Application

R. P. S. Dhar, N. Kumar, C. Pascual. García and V. P. Georigiev 

Solid-State Electronics Vol, 195, 108374

Planar Junctionless Field-Effect Transistor for Detecting Biomolecular Interactions

Shukla, R.P.; Bomer, J.G.; Wijnperle, D.; Kumar, N.; Georgiev, V.P.; Singh, A.C.; Krishnamoorthy, S.; Pascual García, C.; Pud, S.; Olthuis, W.

Sensors 202222, 5783.

TCAD Simulations of High-Aspect-Ratio Nano-biosensor for Label-Free Sensing Application

R. P. S. Dhar, N. Kumar, C. Medina-Bailon, C. Pascual García and V. P. Georigiev

2021 Joint International EUROSOI Workshop and International Conference on Ultimate Integration on Silicon (EuroSOI-ULIS), 2021, pp. 1-4,

doi: 10.1109/EuroSOI-ULIS53016.2021.9560701. Download the article here.

Comprehensive Analytical Modelling of an Absolute pH Sensor

Medina-Bailon, C.; Kumar, N.; Dhar, R.P.S.; Todorova, I.; Lenoble, D.; Georgiev, V.P.; Pascual García, C. 

Sensors 202121, 5190.  

(doi: 10.3390/s21155190). 

Universal control of protons concentration using electrochemically generated acid compatible with miniaturization

J. El Maiss,   D. Balakrishnan  and  C. Pascual  García

Nanoscale Adv., 2022, Accepted Manuscript 

Acid-Modulated Peptide Synthesis for Application on Oxide Biosensor Interfaces

Cristóbal-Lecina, E.; El-Maiss, J.; Figueras, E.; Singh, A.C.; Krishnamoorthy, S.; Østerbye, T.; Pascual García, C.; Andreu, D.

2023 Nanomaterials 

Miniaturized Control of Acidity in Multiplexed Microreactors

Divya Balakrishnan, Janwa El Maiss, Wouter Olthuis, and César Pascual García ¨

ACS Omega 8 (8), 7587–7594 

(Invited) A Novel Computational Framework for Simulations of Bio-Field Effect Transistors

Kumar, N., Dhar, R., Pascual Garcia, C. and Georgiev, V.P

2023 ECS Transactions Download this article here.

Insights into the Ultra-Steep Subthreshold Slope Gate-all-around Feedback-FET for memory and sensing applications

Naveen Kumar; Ankit Dixit; Ali Rezaei; Tapas Dutta; César Pascual García; Vihar Georgiev

2023 IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference, Download the article here.

Electrolyte-Gated FET-based Sensing of Immobilized Amphoteric Molecules Including the Variability in Affinity of the Reactive Sites

Naveen Kumar; César Pascual García; Ali Rezaei; Ankit Dixit; Asen Asenov; Vihar Georgiev

2023 IEEE Xplore Download the article here.

Novel Detection Methodology of Milk-Oligopeptides Fingerprints using Ion-Sensitive BioFET

Naveen Kumar; César Pascual García; Ankit Dixit; Ali Rezaei; Vihar Georgiev

2023 IEEE BioSensors Conference (BioSensors) Download the article here.

Simulation and Modeling of Novel Electronic Device Architectures with NESS (Nano-Electronic Simulation Software): A Modular Nano TCAD Simulation Framework

Medina-Bailon, C., Dutta, T. , Rezaei, A. , Nagy, D. , Adamu-Lema, F., Georgiev, V. P.  and Asenov, A.

Micromachines 202112(6), 680;

Combinations of Analytical and Machine Learning Methods in a Single Simulation Framework for Amphoteric Molecules Detection

Kumar, N. , Aleksandrov, P. , Gao, Y., Macdonald, C. , Pascual García, C. and Georgiev, V.

IEEE Sensors Letters

Discovery of amphoteric fingerprints of amino acids with field-effect transistors

Kumar, N., Dhar, R. P., El Maiss, J., Georgiev, V., and Pascual García, C..

IEEE Access


Conferences and presentations

Electromed an invited talk in NANO2022 at Seville

César Pascual García presented the results regarding the chemical recognition of peptides. In particular he presented opportunities we have detected for Graphene FETs: Graphene as the key technology for next generation protein sequencing


ELECTROMED poster wins the "Best poster Award" at the NANO2022 in Seville

Electromed team preseented a poster at the NANO2022 international conference in Seville with the title: Electromed - A programmable peptide-protein screening platform 

See the poster here

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