How is ELECTROMED structured?

ELECROMED is composed of four Working Packages (WPs):

  • WP1: Multiplexed electrochemical peptide synthesis demonstration
  • WP2: FinFET sensor development
  • WP3: In situ programmable peptide µ-array proof of concept
  • WP4: Project management; dissemination, communication and exploitation

What about cross-WPs collaboration?

Each specific objective is addressed by one work package (WP): WP1 consists in the development and validation of the EPS actuator (objective 1); in parallel, WP2 addresses the development and validation of the FinFET sensor (objective 2); WP3 consists in integrating the EPS actuators and FinFET sensors in a multiplexed µ-array platform and validating it (proof of concept, objective 3); WP4 addresses project management and the execution of the plan for dissemination and exploitation of the project results, as well as communication actions.

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