• UoG is one of the top 20 research led universities in the UK, a member of the Russell Group, and one of the top 80 universities worldwide.
  • Device Modelling Group, located at the School of Engineering, is the world leader in statistical 3D simulation of advanced CMOS devices including different sources of statistical variability. The group has close collaborations with some of the major semiconductor technology providers and takes part in different EPSRC-UK and HORIZON2020 projects. Expertise in the multiscale hierarchical model from first-principle to circuit-level simulations is also available in connection to a unique in-house simulation tool, called NESS, and Synopsys software.
  • The group has access to 2 computing clusters with 2556 CPUs in total.

In this project, UoG will undertake the simulations for FinFET sensors design and coordinate the cycles of simulation/fabrication/characterization, being the leader of WP2 and tasks 2.2 and 3.1


UoG Team

  • Dr. Vihar Georviev (WP leader), Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Naveen Kumar (Research Associate)
  • Miss Dhar (PhD student)


Former members:

  • Dr. Cristina Medina-Bailon (Research Associate)

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