• Elvesys is an innovative company that develops and provides scientific instruments that go beyond the state-of-the-art to allow researchers to make more impactful research. As we truly believe that microfluidics will be at the heart of the next technological revolution, we propose the world widest brand of microfluidic flow control products under the brand “Elveflow” and enhance the technological transfer of microfluidic innovations from research laboratories to chemistry, medical diagnostic and cell biology market.
  • Elvesys will develop the first microfluidic management system for 24 peptides, solvents, and samples in collaboration with partners from UPF and LIST that will enable in situ peptide synthesis for personalized medicine. This microfluidic system will be based on Elveflow instruments and Elvesys in-house know-how. This microfluidic system will be used and improved during the whole duration of the project by our research engineer specialised in microfluidics.
  • We will also integrate in a single prototype microarray device the multiplexed FinFET sensor chip with the multiplexed EPS chip and microfluidic system. A simplified, user-friendly interface based on our proprietary software (Elveflow Software Interface, ESI) will allow a simple operability of the whole system.

ELV Team

  • Dr. Julia Sepulveda Diaz (F) (15 publications, 65 citations, h-index 4 and 1 patent), Director of Innovation at Elvesys. She obtained a Chemical Engineer degree, followed by a MSc in Biochemistry and then a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. She did a 4-year postdoctoral appointment at the Brain and Spine Institute in Paris, France. Her areas of expertise are chemical engineering, cell biology, and biochemistry. She is currently in charge of the Innovation department at Elvesys.
  • Dr. Aurélie Vigne (F), (2 publications), Scientific Director in microfluidics.  She obtained a Physico-chemistry Engineer degree, followed by a double master degree (France-China) in fundamental physics specialized in atomic physics and molecular, condensed matter and optics and then a European label PhD in droplet-based microfluidics (France-Scotland). Her areas of expertise are droplet-based microfluidics, fluorescence detection and acoustofluidics. Currently she is in charge of the microfluidic aspects on different research projects in Elvesys.
  • Dr Marine Daïeff (F), Research Engineer in microfluidics. She obtained a physico-chemistry engineer degree with a specialization in physico-chemistry of materials, followed by a master degree in material science and nano-objects and received her PhD in 2018 from Université Paris Diderot for her work on the deformation and shape of flexible microscale helices in viscous flows in collaboration with UMass Amherst (USA). Her areas of expertise are microfluidics, nanotechnologies, materials science and fluid-structure interactions. Currently she is in charge of implementing I&D projects in microfluidics at Elvesys.

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