Personalised medicines continue to attract interest. ELECTROMED is protagonist in an article of Luxembourg efforts in the field. 

Download here the article in the press.

Electromed has attracted the attention of Luxembourghish press with an article on personalised medicines. 

ELECTROMED has had the honour to be chosen as one of the "Breakthrough ideas" that has contributed to the frist newsletter of the European Innovation Council dedicated to the COVID-19.

The partners in ELECTROMED are committed to contribute in the COVID-19 crisis with possible solutions both for diagnosis and possible vaccine  developments.

The technology of ELECTROMED can be deployed for label free sensing for direct detection of viral RNA and immunity biomarkers, while the flexible synthesis of peptides could in the future be used for vaccince discovery.

ELECTROMED chosen for EIC pathfinder / FET seminar in the European Commission.

Kick-off meeting

The Electromed Kick off meeting took place in LIST premises in Luxembourg on the 23 of January 2020.

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